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Knowing Your True Self 

through going within.

Massage therapy and energy work are much more than a feel-good experience. Receiving
healing touch is transformational, from every cell in the body to all thoughts in the energetic presence of the mind. As a licensed massage therapist, I guide my clients with this awareness -

every individual already has what they need to find physical, emotional and spiritual healing.


In my practice, I continue to support and empower Women, Mothers, Mothers-to-be and Children.  As the more the whole family is nurtured, the better they may align with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

Thank-you for your interest in my private practice.

“Hanna is here and she is the most gentle spirit I have ever seen. A gossamer doll breathed into life by a tranquil God”

Robert Maitia, new father

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10% of all sales profit goes directly to a local charity supporting women and children. That's $15 for every hour of service!