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What can I expect from a session with Hanna?

You can expect a session tailored to your unique needs, concerns and requests, that is appropriate for where you are in the moment (or specific to your trimester if you are pregnant).  My touch is nurturing, yet strong, intuitive, yet technical, relaxing, and releasing. I am highly trained, experienced and love what I do! Work is a word that does not exists in my world. Using various healing modalities to support women throughout the many stages of their lives is my passion.

Do you have a spa or do you travel to my house?

I travel to you! I understand how taxing it can be getting around during and after pregnancy, and I am committed to making you as comfortable as possible. So, instead of you having to brave the stresses of traffic and parking, I bring the spa to you! I show up to your house about 5-10 minutes before your treatment time and bring everything with me; massage table, sheets, pillows, oils and relaxing music. Relax in the privacy and comfort of your home!

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage addresses Edema, Sciatica, Ribcage Pain, Lower Back and Pelvic Pain, Hip Pain, Neck and Shoulder Tension, Cramps and Spasms, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sleeplessness, Anxiety, Stress, and so much more!

Prenatal massage benefits the mama by Decreasing Stress and Anxiety, Reducing Physical Discomforts, Promoting Relaxation and Normal Blood-Pressure, Supporting the mama Physically and Emotionally, Promoting Shorter, Less Painful Labors and Reducing Complications and Interventions, Improving Blood and Lymph Circulation, Enhancing Body Awareness or the ability to deeply listen to your body and your baby resulting in feeling better-prepared for birth and mothering.

Is it safe to get a massage during my first trimester? 

Yes, it is safe to receive massage throughout your Entire pregnancy. There is NO evidence that massage is unsafe during the first trimester.  Mamas deserve relaxation in the first trimester when hormonal and life changes can be especially trying.  With that said, it is best to receive sessions from a therapist specially trained in prenatal massage. With me, you are in great hands!

Is it safe to have deep tissue work included in my prenatal massage?

Yes, deep tissue work is safe with a qualified therapist who understands pregnant anatomy. Some deep work may be necessary to achieve the lengthening and release that helps you feel lighter, aligned, and more comfortable in your body. Along the way, there are some acupressure points to be avoided and I will effortlessly steer clear of those while working slowly and attentively to relieve your discomforts. Bring it on deep!

Is it safe to have my feet worked on while I am pregnant?

Yes, you can have your tired feet massaged. While it is true that there are acupressure points in the ankle and feet that should not be held with deep pressure for a sustained period of time, you can rest assured that I know how to navigate the body safely. Enjoy the foot rub!

What are the benefits of postpartum massage?

Postpartum massage addresses Postpartum Fatigue, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Wrist and Forearm Pain, Pelvic or Tailbone Pain, Fluid Retention, Engorged Breasts and so much more!

Postpartum massage benefits the mama by Promoting Healing (including post-cesarean scars), Restoring Abdominal and Weight-Bearing Muscles & Joints, Supporting new mamas Physically and Emotionally.

How soon after birth am I able to get a massage?

As soon as you'd like! A postnatal massage can be extremely beneficial right after giving birth. Your body, mind and spirit have been through so much and a massage can help you get back into balance, flush your body of possible toxic medications used in child birth by aiding in lymph flow, and also support your emotional well-being. You might not be able to lie directly on your tummy right after child birth, particularly after having a c-section, so I will position you on your side with pillows, as is done during a prenatal massage, if necessary. I am here for you when you are ready!

Do you only do massages for pregnancy? 

No, I also offer therapeutic massage and energywork for women and men. Tell your friends!

Do you support all family structures?

Yes, I welcome everyone; surrogate mothers, single mothers, young mothers, teen mothers, mother's who conceived with the help of IVF, same-sex or hetero couples and anyone in between. Love is Love is Love!

What kind of oil do you use in your treatments? 

I use a high-end, deeply nourishing, 100% organic massage oil blend that is nut free, fragrance free, paraben free and gluten free.  I also have essential oils to choose from if you enjoy the relaxing effects of aromatherapy. Your skin will thank me!

How many sessions do you recommend during pregnancy?

Two treatments per month is usually ideal up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. From 36 weeks until delivery, weekly appointments are highly recommended. This is simply a guideline to get the most out of your care as massage yields its best results cumulatively over time. I am thrilled to serve you at any interval that works for your schedule and budget. Prioritize your self-care as you nurture new life!

How many sessions do you recommend after the baby arrives?

I recommend at least three postnatal sessions within the first four months. After four months, I recommend you come in every 4-6 weeks for maintenance. The postpartum period truly lasts at least a full year, and I support many women beyond that time frame as well. Receiving nurturing bodywork during your child-bearing years has far reaching effects on your ability to nurture your new baby and your growing family. Mama, honor your needs!

What if I go into labor and have to cancel?

There's never a penalty if you have to cancel due to labor. I want to support women as much as possible leading up to the birth of their baby. I would rather you have an appointment scheduled and end up needing to cancel, than to need one and not have one set up. How exciting!

Are there any times that massage should be avoided?

If you have an active infection, skin infection, fever, cold or flu, massage should be avoided. Please reschedule if you have any of these conditions. Feel well soon!

What length of session should I choose?

I offer both 60 minute and 90 minute sessions. Sixty minute sessions can focus on either a specific focus area, or on full body relaxation. Ninety minutes gives us time to do both focused work on a particular concern as well as a more "global" full body treatment. If you want a session that is longer than 90 minutes, just ask! Relax, Renew and feel like a Lighter you!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give at least 48 hours notice. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will warrant payment for the scheduled appointment. Please reschedule if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. There is no fee for rescheduling due to illness with 2 hours notice, onset of labor, or a true emergency. Thank you for honoring this policy.

What are your specialties?

Within the world of massage, I specialize in  Pre & Postnatal Massage, Labor Massage &  Labor Induction.  Within the field of Energywork, I am an expert in Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Reiki, and Sound Healing. Thank you for your time!

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